"Aamir is our friend."

Translation:आमिर हमारा दोस्त है।

March 24, 2019

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I can't remember why it's हमारा not हमारे. I thought because it's 'our' it meant it was in the plural, making it हमारे?


You decide between हमारा and हमारे by looking at the word following it. It should be हमारा if the word is masculine singular, हमारे if it is masculine plural and हमारी if it's feminine. हमारा/हमारे/हमारी all mean 'our' because हम is 'we'.

हमारा कुत्ता - 'Our dog' (कुत्ता is masculine)
हमारे कुत्ते - 'Our dogs'
हमारी बिल्ली -'Our cat' (बिल्ली is feminine)


धन्यवाद! I appreciate your detailed reply.


Since Aamir is spelled with the m connected with the long ii, How does one spell ameer/amir, as in " ve amir log hai" or "Ameer Maviya" or "Amir Putin" or "Amir Trump"?


The word for rich uses the short 'a' with the long 'ī' - अमीर

The name Aamir as in this sentence uses the long 'ā' with the short 'i' - आमिर

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