"Non bevo molta birra."

Translation:I do not drink much beer.

May 26, 2014



There's a sentance I won't ever need

April 8, 2017


Me too, i am from bavaria

May 17, 2018


I read in another discussion that 'molto' was used for countable things such as books, etc. and 'tanto' was used for uncountable things such as water and...beer. So is there a difference or no?

May 26, 2014


There is no difference, you can say both "tanta birra" and "molta birra". Tanto and molto are synonyms.

May 26, 2014


Thank you, d.batta.

May 26, 2014


I seem to remember coming across this same point, between countable and non-countable things too!

But here is how Collins grammar describes things.

Molto -much

Tanto - so much

Troppo - too much

All adjectives, but also Molto can be used to mean 'very' to stress an adjective. So 'una bella casa' means a nice house. But 'una casa molto bella' means a very nice house. [Note when molto is used it goes with the adjective, after the noun!]

May 29, 2014


You can count bottles of beer. On the wall, in my stomach or anywhere else!

July 7, 2017


"I do not drink a lot of beer" Why is this not accepted

April 25, 2017


My translation seems just as valid as yours

October 5, 2017


"I don't drink beer much," was not accepted, but is more grammatically correct than the literal translation of "much beer."

September 14, 2018
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