French audio is messed up causing confusion

Several times now the French speech for different words has been wrong. I've tried reporting the problem with the questions error report feature but that seems to get ignored.

Well here goes.

The problem only happens with the questions where you have to piece together a sentence from a set of words which you clock on in order. When you click on each word, you hear a pronunciation of that word.

For over a week now, when clicking on certain words, you get the wrong pronunciation.

For example the following has been driving me up the wall.

Many times when I had to click on the words to write the following;

"J'aime", I had to click on "J' " and "aime" to make "I like". As I click each word, the pronunciation goes as follow; "Japostrophe" then "em". The pronunciation for "aime" sounds fine, it's the one for "J' " that's the problem.

And now, while going through the "At Home" questions after the first checkpoint, I am learning "Il y a" which translates as "There are" or "There is".

However, when piecing sentences by clicking words that you have been given, I get the following;

"Il" then "egret" then "a".

That's just not right. I highly doubt anyone would say something like "Il egret a quatre chiens" instead of "Il y a quatre chiens".

When will these failures be solved? Are there more of these flaws in questions/tests to come?

March 24, 2019


There are a lot of problems with the audio on Duo, this only being one of them. But I'm not sure how Duo could resolve this one frankly, except to read the sentence once all the word tiles have been selected, rather than one at a time.

March 24, 2019

I think it would take a major overhaul to solve the problems.

March 25, 2019

I completely agree. There is no elision on any of the words, and it sounds very stilted, but the way they pronounce y as if it's just the letter name in the middle of a sentence is ridiculous. I too get frustrated that when I try to report something, it doesn't give me the options I need - i.e. the problem I'm experiencing isn't listed. Or it just tells me it has already been reported, but, as you rightly say, nothing seems to be done about it. I've contributed comments to discussions thinking it will help to tidy some of these things up, but the same comments have been left months before, yet the problem persists. It's a shame, because I do think Duolingo is the best computer based language learning program I've tried, but there are a lot of things which need improvement.

March 26, 2019

True, so true. I don't know if Duolingo is the best or not, only that it was at the top of the list when I searched for free foreign language lessons. Apart from the audio problems that I mentioned, the most annoying, or time consuming problem (depends on your personal view) is that when I am learning French on here, I also have to learn another language. Quite often I have to translate my language into another language and then into French, and the same in return. For example, I have to translate EnglishUK into EnglishUS and then French. Then do the same in return, French into EnglishUS then EnglishUK. I've seen people commenting that they have to do similar, but rather EnglishUK, it's Canadian English or Australian English. I highly doubt Duolingo would solve this problem. So I guess I just have to suffer.

March 26, 2019
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