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Sentences hardly ever used

Verbs present lesson 3/16 What to think of sentences like: Ca consiste a manger des filles. Il convient de boire. * Elle contribue a manger la viande.

I don't like these sentences. It makes me feel that in order to finish the exercise, I must start learning sentences by heart. I don't think that sentences like these are used by the French themselves.

July 16, 2012



It looks like the Natural Language Processing software of Duolingo has no idea of meaning, just grammar. I took a Natural Language Processing course at coursera.com. One of the things we learned was how to derive grammars for a language. We didn't learn anything about semantics or I've already forgotten it. Maybe someone from the course.wrote the sentence generator for Duolingo.


While some sentences make sense given their original meaning, I don't mind their weird translations. "Ca consiste a manger des filles.", for example, translates well even though it is ridiculous to think of "eating girls". I think these kinds of sentences help memorize the words. But I have a problem when the sense is incorrect, like in "Il convient de boire". I don't think the translation "he agrees to drink" is a good one here but there is no better alternative allowed, I I think. So the use of it is wrong because I don't think that verb is hardly ever used with that sense, if at all. "il convient de boire" translates better to "it makes sense to drink" or "it is advised to drink" or "one should drink".

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