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  5. "Warriors drink juice!"

"Warriors drink juice!"

Translation:vIychorgh lutlhutlh SuvwI'pu'!

March 24, 2019



pIlam naH QaD vIychorgh. vaj jatlh wo'rIv. :-)


"Prune juice. Therefore Worf speaks." Not sure what you were going for here.


I'm guessing she meant it to read, "So Worf says." I don't think we can use vaj for that kind of "so", but we might be able to use 'e' that way.


Therein lies a problem, because jatlh works differently than other sentence-as-object verbs. You'd have to say jatlh wo'rIv and turn the whole thing into a sentence as object construction. You'd lose the two separate ideas; they'd become one idea: Worf says prune juice.


Without the vaj it means exactly that: Worf says, "prune juice".


'oH jatlh wo'rIv'e'. Doesn't that convey something near the meaning of, "So Worf says?"


I feel like it's fine, but a little odd since it's not really a "thing". I prefer 'e' jatlh wo'rIv. It mirrors the line from ST VI: The Undiscovered Country where Azetbur says 'e' neHbe' vavwI'. However, there's some funkiness about jatlh taking a description of the thing said as an object, but not a direct quote as an object. Since 'e' (or even your 'oH) is referring to the direct quote, does it work? I would go ahead and use it, but beware that it is questionable.

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