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Level 25 in Hawaiian-for-English course!

Aloha! I have finally earned both Level 25 and a golden tree!

I practiced a lot with conjugations and sentences to learn how to speak Hawaiian. After all that hard work on Duolingo, I learned a lot about the structure and how to independently express sentences. However, I am hoping that there are more skills and levels to work on, so I can progress even more. Hawaiian stories and lab are both pluses for the course!

In short, I find the tree to be a decent course for Hawaiian starters and those who want to refresh their skills. Besides Duolingo and outside resources (songs, books and resources), there are a lot more to discover and also to learn!

March 24, 2019



Very nice! I'm from Hawaii and I think it's awesome you took such an interest to the language. Can you write paragraphs in Hawaiian yet?


Yes, but not at a very high level. I still need to work on my vocabularies because some of them are long to memorize! More likely, I can express an introduction paragraph. :)


Probably coming in late on this, but are there any books you would recommend? I’m also having a tough time finding music on Spotify. Haven’t tried local record stores though


Although not in Hawaiian, Molokai by Alan Brennert has a lot of Hawaiian vocabulary and culture in addition to being an amazing book!


I'm new to Duo, so what is a Golden Tree? Just wondering. Thanks!


When you've turned every skill gold (there are 5 levels for each skill; the last one is gold).


Im not sure if I am too late but the Mango languages Hawaiin course is free since it is an endangered language. it is a really amazing course and I highly reccomend it


I'm late, but congrats! Your linguistic credentials are so inspiring woww


Oof! Sorry for the late response!

Thanks! Even though I am into Sinosphere languages - Chinese, Japanese and Korean - I am hoping to learn more Hawaiian phrases and words since it's the beautiful island language I started learning! :)


Sorry for another late response haha! I totally agree, Hawaiian has such a unique sound, look and it's really just such a beautiful language. For now I'm focusing in French, but I'd love to learn Hawaiian in the near future! If you don't mind me asking, how do you juggle learning so many languages at once? I really wanted to learn Italian alongside my French practice but a lot of people discouraged me from doing so, so I'm always curious to see what strategies people use with multiple languages at once!

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