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Wow~!!! Finally we can REVIEW back our lesson after finish!! New function add!!

See what I found just now? Finally we can review back our lesson after finish!! Yeah!!!





May 26, 2014



I've just noticed this too and I was very pleasantly surprised. What an excellent addition, I can see how useful this is going to be for all of us learners! Many thanks must go to the entire Duolingo team for making and constantly improving such an amazing website.


this is sooo cool! You are the best guys!


I too love the scorecard ! Thank you developers :)


also after timed practice? I don't see it.

edit: I have this function for "German for English speakers" course but not for "English for Turkish speakers" course


so is it only for graduated courses?


This is fantastic news, I love it


I almost clicked past it in my rush to get on with things! This is definitely going to be a great feature! Good job DuoLingo developers!


will these updates still work if i have multiple userscrips installed?


What are 'userscrips' ? I am learner, so I would love to know what these are. Sorry I can't give you an answer :(


i dont know much about them myself as ive just started using them but they are made by other duolingo users and they can add certain fetures like one makes it easier to switch to different languages that sort of thing heres a link to the wiki page that show a bunch of them http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Userscripts

sorry i could be more helpfull


I'm not sure, may be you can have a try and let us know. xD

But since is the new function of Duo, I think you shld also got the review function as well. xD


okay i was just wandering since i have one installed that gives me review questions already ill probably just uninstall it for this new feture :)


Hi! I'm the developer of the userscript Duolingo Lesson Review, and I just stumbled on this thread, so I thought I'd do some testing. Though I don't yet have the experiment enabled, I was able to do some digging in the code to see what effect the change would have.

Essentially, Duolingo's new "Review Lesson" button hides the one my userscript adds, in effect disabling the userscript once the lesson has ended (though it'll still work before the lesson ends).

I'm going to do some quick coding and see if I can't fix that :D


thank you for the response and please keep making and or updating these user scripts there amazing and they are greatly helping me with my language learning
and i wish you good luck with you user scripts : ) ( and your spanish :D)


how it does not do that for me


It's also disabled for me. Maybe they are testing the efficiency for a group of users before enabling the feature for everybody.


I don't see it either :( Maybe you're right.


Now if only there was a way to keep notes in each lesson so I wouldn't break my brain trying to remember when to use "hubiese", "quisiera", and "hiciera". It's getting there. :)


How long do you think it will be until it is added to the mobile app?

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This is really useful, particularly for timed practices.


The scorecard is excellent. Thanks DUO team !!


Wow! I'm so jealous! I hope they roll out the feature for everyone. It looks great and I'd love to have it, too! I can't wait!!!


The Scorecard is a terrific feature. Kudos, Duolingo.


How can I review the lesson in the Duolingo app?


I really need this capability. I hope that you can update the code soon so that it works for the current Duolingo. I would give you a bunch of lingots if you did.

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