"If you don't walk fast, you will not get tired"

Translation:Usipotembea haraka hutachoka

March 25, 2019

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I just got this as a multiple choice with Usipotembea haraka hamtachoka ... which is weird, as if one person walking fast could make a whole group of people tired


I believe "Usipotembea upesi..." should also be accepted


It should: did you report it?


'Msipotembea haraka hutachoka' is now the preferred solution. However the subject of the first word is you (plural) but of the third is you (singular), this is a contradiction?

There is no 'correct' solution in the list for me showing the same subject for both.


It's not really a contradiction. It's just very odd to suddenly focus on the tiredness of one person as the consequence of an entire group's actions. It's definitely possible in some real world situations, but it's still ... odd.

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