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  5. "wovqu' 'oH."

"wovqu' 'oH."

Translation:It is very bright.

March 25, 2019



I would expect "wov" to be "light," and something like "wovqu'" to be "bright." Could there be a cuckoo word like, "wovqu'qu'?"


"Be bright" is usually the better definition of the word wov. It means, to be in a state of emitting photons. Sometimes, in English, we also describe that as "be light", but that word has some similar uses in English that can cause confusion. But for the Klingon verb, it is probably not a good idea to think of "light" and "bright" to be two separate levels of photon emission. It can refer to any level of photon emission, but implies a high level of photon emission. Even higher levels of photon emission can be implied by adding the emphatic suffix or perhaps a Type 6 suffix of qualification. "Be very bright" is a fine translation for wovqu' (but "be very light" is also accepted).

As for using a rover on itself, as in wovqu'qu', I don't think we have a definite prohibition against it, but I would think of it as more of a poetic thing and less of a straightforward communication. I would much prefer something like -bejqu' or -chu'qu'.


Thank you Very much. I really should read my dictionary more.

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