"I will never eat meat."

Translation:Saya tidak akan pernah makan daging.

March 25, 2019

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Can I check the word order on this one please?

What is wrong with "Saya tidak pernah akan makan daging"?



The right/more natural order is tidak akan pernah.


its another it just is... answer... im getting use to the phrases that don't make sense in my english mind i want to say ( saya akan tidak pernah makan daging) . which translates in google translate to "i will never eat meat" . where saya tidak akan purnah . just doesnt seem right in my english mind.. but just accept it and move on.. eventually it will all make more sense over time


Yeah cuz there's diferent order in the grammar is ok


My Indo gf says "belum akan pernah" is wrong.


Belum pernah should be "have/has never"


I am so confused by their usage of 'pernah' by itself, and 'belum pernah' at other times. I put 'Saya tidak akan belum pernah makan daging' and it was marked wrong. Why?


The answer keep changing!! Make up your mind!


ohne pernah

Saya tidak akan makan daging = I will never eat meat


Makes good sense. I think they would understand this perfectly well. The only thing you can do with the weird structure here, is to write it down, so when asked again, you will be ready. When you get an answer wrong, write it down the way they want it.


I wrote incorrectly "saya akan pernah" my belief is that it is translated " I will never" can someone explain why this is incorrect... t. Kasih

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