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Glitch in completing assignments

There seems to be a glitch with the Duolingo for Schools platform. My students are getting emailed messages saying that they have completed assignments when they haven't.

Since the XP capping started, I have been assigning a flat 150 XP per week as a homework assignment. I am afraid the platform is somehow "awarding" the old amounts of XP for testing out, whereas on the new leaderboard students are only earning 20 XP.

One of my students had only completed 90 XP and received the email, so he stopped working. He could not believe me when I told him he had not completed the assignment. The "schools.duolingo.com" also shows that he completed the assignment when he tested out of a skill and received 20 XP. But the assignment is to earn 150XP!

I hope I have explained myself well. Though this is troubleshooting, I am posting this under the topic "Educators in English" as well. More of my colleagues may have encountered this glitch.

Please leave a comment if you have noticed a similar problem.


March 25, 2019



We are having a similar issue. My XP assignments seem to be working ok, but when I assigned skills we encountered a problem. If the students complete ONE activity in a skill their dashboard tells them they completed the assignment, but MY record on schools.duolingo.com shows that they have not completed it. I have told them to ignore the dashboard for now and look for the circle around the skill to completely fill up, but it's a HUGE problem for my less compliant students because they won't look in both places.


Thanks for also posting in the troubleshooting forum.

The answer of admin SeanColombo is interesting for all the teachers:

Thank you for reporting this! It does look like the Schools system is computing XP in the old way rather than taking into account the new testout XP limits.
We'll work to fix this...


I was really surprised an honored that a member of the staff personally responded. And thank you, pentaan, for your comments.


Hi this is still a HUGE problem for me. It's confusing the kids so bad that I'm starting to spend more time figuring out who's being truthful about the work they're doing than on actual content. Please! Is there a fix yet??

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