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"Saya ingin tahu mengapa mereka tidak suka dengan pemakai metode ini."

Translation:I want to know why they do not like the user of this method.

March 25, 2019



What is the function of "dengan" in this sentence?


it is accepted without as well.

But probably is is some common phrases that u can use "dengan" here


I would like to know that, too!

It didn't accept it without the "dengan" for me :(


I know "want to know" is right but would it also be correct if I said this, "I want to figure out why they don't like the user of this method".


I think it's overcomplicating things for this context. A pragmatic translation of a given text might translate it that way though.


Figure out and know are different so no. Cari would be closer to firgure out from my limited indo.

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