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My students are always using the "can't speak now" option.

My students seem to be flying through lessons at a rate that I find very difficult to believe. (On average they are completing 1 lesson per minute, and every now and then someone gets through 2 lessons in one minute.) I have also noticed that they always choose the "can't speak now" option. Is that how they are getting through lessons so fast? (or did they find some other way to scam the system?) They main reason why I wanted to use this program was because of the speaking / pronunciation practice. Is there a way to disable this feature?

March 26, 2019



They main reason why I wanted to use this program was because of the speaking / pronunciation practice.

You might consider using Duolingo in combination with Gboard:

SuperDuo = Duolingo + Gboard. Just talk!

Thanks to Gboard we can speak the language we want to learn from the beginning or do a complete course without typing a single word, just talking.


You should be monitoring your students progress, and quizzing them on the material.


I don't blame them. I myself learn Italian on duo and mostly skip speaking as it's super hard to match what they want. Plus how often are you learning in a place you can speak freely? It's embarrassing to talk to your phone when there are people around. Duo is great for vocabulary, grammar and listening, not so good for speaking. Anyway skipping that will only save seconds, and a lesson will still be long, so it's not this.


What a wonderful assumption that all are scammers. I am 65 not tech savvy. 'Can't talk now" appeared without me doing anything (INTENTIONAL) and is stuck there. How can I turn it back on??? Oh, and even being old and slow I have done more than a few basic lessons in under a minute. Geesh...

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