"They introduce me to their parents."

Translation:Eles me apresentam a seus pais.

April 10, 2013

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Would introduzem be ok here instead of apresentam?


Not so. "Introduzir" is usually usede as add, put into. When we use introduce to refer to "showing myself, tell about oneself", we use apresentar


Entao nao quiero que me introduzem a seus pais, that sounds a bit horrible. :) Thank you.


hhehe a little :)


Then "introduzem" should not be included in the translation options. I have written them about that.


I wrote also: "Eles me apresentam aos seus pais". I thought the article "os" was required here. Is there a rule for when it is and isn't optional?


They now accept "Eles me apresentam AOS seus pais. " I just used it and it was correct.


yes, there are some verbs that needs the preposition, we call it indirect transitive verb. Well, Apresentar is a indirect transitive verb, so you have to write the preposition and the article. "aos" - preposition " a " plus the article "os". That's why you can write like this: eles me apresentam a seus pais or eles me apresentam para seus pais.

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