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  5. "'IHmo' Qebvam vIparHa'."

"'IHmo' Qebvam vIparHa'."

Translation:Because it is beautiful, I like this ring.

March 26, 2019



This is another one where the order of clauses is different in the Klingon and the translation ('IHmo' Qebvam vIparHa'. vs I like this ring because it is beautiful.).

Some additional thoughts on -mo': The Tips and notes section for the Cause 2 unit introduces the noun suffix -mo' but doesn't mention the identical verb suffix. If it's introduced elsewhere I can't find it; certainly the verbal -mo' is used in the unit, as here. Neither does it mention that a -mo' clause can come either before or after the modified clause. (Of course, that's normal for Klingon subordinate clauses, but a new learner doesn't know that.)


I think we failed in our intent with that Skill, but I think I can correct it by editing the Tips & Notes. We had actually decided to introduce it as both the verb and noun suffix in the same lesson. We usually try to avoid teaching similar items close to each other, but since both suffixes look and act exactly the same, we are teaching them together. However, it looks like we failed to reflect that in the Tips & Notes.

I'll go fix this sentence and fix the Tips & Notes.

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