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Is French becoming too hard?

If you think that French is becoming challenging for you then consider this article. -Materials- 1. Flash cards 2. pencils/markers 3.The will to succeed

-Steps- 1. First I am going to show you how too make flash cards. First choose some words you have a hard time remembering. Once you have them take a card and on the front write the French word, on the back write it in French. 2. May I suggest drawing a picture on the front o help you remember it. Ex: a picture of a wheel of cheese for le fromage. 3. After you have made the cards, then practice! 4. Another thing you might want to do is write the French word on a piece of paper and put it on the object that it is representing. ex: The word mirror in French on a mirror. This helps you associate the word with its object. 5. Believe that you can become fluent, because if millions of others have then so can you!

4 years ago



Very good idea.

Ba Ba Dum will do all this for you, you can even run it from an iPhone (probably android too)


4 years ago


Really fun this Ba Ba Dum thingy!!! I was using memrise for my vocabulary until now, but I must say that for a beginner this could be the better alternaive. Thanks for sharing!

4 years ago