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"Sangat besar", "Besar sekali"

Am I right, that in the phrases "Sangat besar" and "Besar sekali" the words "sangat" and "sekali" both mean "very"? What's the difference? And why "sangat" is before "besar", but "sekali" after?

March 26, 2019

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The two words do both mean "very" and in my experience are pretty interchangeable.

Comparing the two definitions in kbbi, all of "sangat"s senses are around things being 'of a significant degree', whereas "sekali" has quite a variety of meanings, of which "really, very" is only the fifth most significant.


1 terlebih-lebih (halnya, keadaannya, dan sebagainya); amat; terlalu: rumahnya -- jauh dari sini;

"Especially; very, excessively": "The house is very far from here"

2 payah (tentang penyakit); teruk: penyakitnya bertambah --

"Severe (when talking about a disease); extreme: Her illness became more severe"

3 sungguh-sungguh: Bapak diminta dengan -- supaya datang di kantor hari ini;

"Sincere, Earnest: Dad was asked sincerely to come to the office today"


5 amat; sangat: kamus ini murah --;

Very, really: This dictionary is very cheap.

6 yang paling: ia mendapat tempat di belakang --;

"The most: She got the place at the very back"

I wish I could tell you why one comes before and one after, I'm very interested to understand that myself.

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