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"That airplane is not found yet."

Translation:Pesawat itu belum ditemukan.

March 26, 2019



Why not "Pesawat terbang"?


Pesawat terbang is right, but pesawat is shorter and the only general context for "pesawat" is only to word "pesawat". So I think that's why "pesawat" is more generally used instead of "pesawat terbang"


The correct answer wasn't one of the options listed. The answer on mine was "Pesawat tersebut belum ditemukan." This is not the first time the correct translation in the discussion header was not listed for me on a question...


I think it have a same meaning, it just about how "baku" is that word


the accepted answer I've got is "Pesawat tersebut". I don't know how old this course is, but it is buggy as.

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