New French tree

This a.m. (according to Duome) I was at 96% proficiency; this p.m. I'm at 68% because of the new tree. Ugggghh!

March 26, 2019


Yeah, me too. I was moving right along and looking forward to at least finishing one skill level in the French tree but it GREW! LOL. It is hard to keep working now knowing that it will take me months or years to finish what I could have done in weeks before. HOWEVER, I always noticed that reaching level 25 doesn't really mean much and I suspect a lot of other "accomplishments" I have gotten used to here are not the same as my initial goal. I wanted to learn French better than I had in years of study in high school, college and travels decades ago. This way I will have the opportunity to learn so much more through Duolingo. It's hard to adjust to but is better than topping out on a language and not feeling like you really know it.

It's also an incentive to study other languages, where the total crowns are about half or less what the French course requires...and you can move along rapidly in just a few days.
Good luck and keep at it!

March 26, 2019
March 27, 2019
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