"At the left side of the building, go down."

Translation:Di samping kiri gedung, turun ke bawah.

March 27, 2019

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It seems so redundant to include "ke bawah" if "turun" means "go down" by itself. Is it really mandatory to include that prepositional phrase in Indonesian?


Menurut saya itu betul, turun selalu ke bawah.


Boleh dipakai dan boleh tidak. Sama sama betul.


I know it's awkward for English speakers, but I think that just might be how Indonesian works.

I grew up speaking Khmer and we have some similarities in this case. In khmer we have tauw (to, to go), laung (to go up, climb), and joh (to go down, get off, descend).

Grom = down, below, under. Leur = up, above, on top.

But yet it's very common to say laung leur (go upstairs, go above, go up up) and joh grom (go downstairs, get off), or even laung tauw leur (go up to upstairs) or joh tauw grom (go down to downstairs). Tauw leur/krom are said as well but much more rarely.

I've noticed in my studies that the two languages have very similar grammar and use of words.


Kalau turun itu memang ke bawah

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