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  5. "O que está havendo no grupo?"

"O que está havendo no grupo?"

Translation:What is happening in the group?

April 10, 2013



im not a native speaker of portuguese, but I think that "acontecendo" is more used in Brazil.


Yes, you're right.


can someone tell me why is wrong: what is going on in the group? happening is for me nearer to "passando" not exactly "havendo".


Going on would be a good translation, would keep the meaning. But sometimes we have to write what duolingo wants....


I unserstand that. I have more issues later on with Future perfect "ele terá feito isso quando ela dormir" he will have done that when she fell asleep or when she sleeps the difficult is why is the dormir verb in infinitive and not like "quando ela ficou dormida" any sugestions?


It's just the rules we follow. "Quando ela se casar, vou morar soziho", "quando comprar meu carro,serei mais independente", "assim que chegar em casa, prepararei um sanduíche"


That's because it's the future subjunctive. It looks just like the infinitive, but it's not.

The future subjunctive can be easily recognized by the presence of "quando".

Most tables bring those conjugations exaclty like this:

  • Quando eu dormir
  • Quando tu dormires
  • Quando ele/ela dormir


Haver vs acontecer?


They are the same.

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