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so happy - I finished the French tree skills

Yay. I love studying with DuoLingo! I finished the French tree skills and learned so much! Good luck to everyone. I'm still trying to figure out the rules for submitting translations.

May 26, 2014


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If you would like to practise your french, i'm here to help ! I'm a french native ! (i'm learning english and spanish actually)

May 26, 2014


Hi there! how are you? como estas? I am a Spanish native speaker and I am fluent English speaker. I just start learning French and I will love to practice French, and I can help you practicing your Spanish and English.


In English it would be. "I am a fluent English speaker" and "I just started learning French and I would love to practice French" and "I can help you with learning Spanish and English"


Actually, it's "I am an English speaker."


It would be more natural to say "I am fluent in the English language".

Funny enough, I don't think I can say that any more. My language has been corrupted by my addiction to reading blogs and forum posts (not this forum - I also belong to other forums such as Snow Boarding, Game Hacking, Greenpeace, and many more).


I think "I'm fluent in English" would be the most common and natural sounding way to say it.
"I speak/I'm fluent in English/French/etc" is how I would say it as a native english speaker.


Como puedo praticar espanol con Usted? Me gusta ayudar con ingles. Quizas yo puedo ayudarse


Agregame en Facebook y skipe


I would love if you helped


Sure I would love to help yous add me on Facebook and I will give you my skipe account name


you're talking with a real Dublin (Irish city) phrasing there! the only place sure is used without commas like you've used it is in Ireland, and the only place people say yous is Dublin! not a good accent!


Thanks for the feedback. I have been Ireland and it is one of my favorites places on earth and Its people the most friendly people I have ever met.


I'm a native English speaker who has worked as an interpreter in French but Spanish...especially the double reflexives...is making me crazy. I'd be thankful for any help from you.


I will be happy to help you. Are you on Facebook?, Skype?, I am serious. when I started learning English I used the internet to practice my English with a girl from Australia and I helped her with her Spanish.


hi,i am also a native and need someone to have some discussion in french


merci! Comment peux-je pratiquer avec vous? Je peux vous aider avec anglais si vous voulez.


je veux pratiquer mon français avec toi! je peux vous aider avec ton anglais!


Parfait ! Ca me ferait plaisir de t'aider !


Je voudrais pratiquer mon Francais avec toi, et peut etre je peux t'aide avec Anglais. Tous me etudes sont en Anglais plus que j'etais aux Etats-Unis pour un ans. :)


Pas de problème ! :)


I would love it if you helped me


Salut Emilie, Vous êtes très populaire. Tout le monde veux pratiquer le français avec vous, et moi de même. Pour ne pas ajouter a vos tâches, est-ce que vous pouvez suggerez quelqu'un avec qui je peux pratiquer mon français. Merci


Im really interested in practising my french with you. I can help you with you spanish. Well my english is not very good but i can defend my self hehheh. I also know a bit of portuguese. Just let me know. have a nice week...


How cool! Pouvons-nous pratiquer le Francais ensemble? I really want to talk with French native. I also learn Spanish :)


The best way to figure out translating, I have found, is by translating. Bonne chance and congratulations on finishing the tree!


I've been on the French tree for over a year now and still haven't finished. but then again I have been inconsistent and took long breaks from Duolingo. BUT my consistency and dedication is improving


Keep going, you'll get there!


Thanx for the motivation! =)


It is only dedication that matters!


Yep. If you don't have dedication you might as well not do it.


Keep practicing!


Stupid question: How do you practice though? I try to pick up words and phrases in french films. Other than that, I don't know how to learn after all the hand-holding from Duolingo. D:


Depends on your needs. My goal is oral communications and I have been watching a lot of French films/videos. Even if you know the language on paper, understanding natives is a whole different skill. It's taken months, but I can follow most conversations if I concentrate and they are not using too much slang.

Reading will build up your vocabulary as well. There are plenty of native language books in the library that you can use. There are any number of audio based programs that can be used to expand your skill in the language. You can continue to use Duo as a tool as well, I still try to get in the practice since it helps to build written/translation skills like remembering the darn genders.

But the gold standard to improve will be finding conversation partners to talk to. This is painful at first, but absolutely important. I have a little over 3 months before my trip to paris and I just need a little more confidence in my skills.


can you recommend any audio books that would help me learn, that i can play in the car?


I listen to Pimsleur audio books in the car. Each lesson is about 30 minutes which is easy to follow without getting too overwhelming. On the days I don't feel like Pimsleur I listen to radio RFI via an app on my phone.


is Pimsleur an app? and will i understand radio if i am still a beginner?


I really liked the Michel Thomas method - advanced tapes. I was able to find them in my local library system and I put them on my phone to listen to in my spare time.


how can i put them on my phone? i have an android, and i am not all that tech-savvy


thanks, by the way!


I sometimes listen to Coffee Break French podcasts. It's very interesting stuff.


if i am still basic level, will i be able to understand?


Pimsleur do have an app but only works if you have a digital version of their course.

With the radio, to be honest with you, you will hardly understand a word of the radio for 2 reasons - you don't have visual queues like video and they don't take breaks when they speak like actors will. That's the downside. The upside is you will concentrate more on what they are saying and they usually speak very clearly and formally. And there is the intangbible benefit of just hearing the language. This made me less "afraid" of the difficulty of the language and used to the patterns. For example you will hear "Je pense que..." so often you just get to know it.

I have been learning for 4 months and would only pick up scattered words when I started, but now I can usually tell what most stories are about within seconds even if I don't understand every word. It's not high quality learning but it is learning, and I wouldn't substitute other more formal methods of learning for it, but it certainly beats listening to local radio if your goal is to learn a language and you have downtime on your commute or just in the car.


I watch movies that I know very well in the language I am trying to learn. Put it in the audio of the language you are trying to learn (or subtitles), and just watch the movie! I use Disney movies i watched as a kid, because they are likely to use short sentences and easy words.


I started with "Kung-Fu Panda" which was very good with a lot of easy to understand language and some great humor. Eventually you really have to graduate to French language films eventually. They are very difficult at first, but get easier over time. I also have been using youtube.fr to find French programs, most of which are spoken so fast you really have to be on your toes.


Congratulations! After 35 days of practice I see that I am getting better at 'translation'but not improving at 'speaking'skills at all. What did you do to improve your speaking skills? Thank you.


You can't improve your speaking skills through Duolingo, only the reading and writing. Speaking skills require face to face practice and in this case it is absent.


Try websites like italki.com to help you find people to speak with. As Dementu said you will obviously need to speak to real people. Doesn't have to be in person. Just find a native or fluent speaker and practice talking with them over Skype.


Thank you. I will try doing so.


Besides talking to native/advanced speakers, you can sort of improve speaking by yourself by watch subtitled videos, pausing and repeating in order to practice intonation and pronunciation. You can read along to News in Slow French or similar recordings with transcripts, also. You will also need practice putting your own ideas into the second language, something utterly lacking on Duo. You can do this by trying to keep a diary or by simply talking to your plants/cats in French like a crazy person. You're not getting feedback but you are producing creative output, which would be good to practice before setting up a skype date if you don't want to feel like an idiot or have a whole lotta of "honte" when you finally contact someone.


Bienvenue au club ! C'est le premier pas dans le monde francophone. Félicitations et bonne courage à vous ! Il faut toujours continuer à faire quelque chose chaque jour d'améliorer votre langue.


Merci beaucoup! Je vais essayer de pratiquer le francais chaque jour.


very good french!! impressive!


Mille mercis, apres seulement une année, c'est merveilleux !




Felicitaions! Tener 5 lingots! (Feliciations! Avoir 5 lingots!)


Congrats mate!


How do you feel about your knowledge? Can you speak fluently? How long did it take for you to complete it?


If you mean fluently as in "at a superior level", Duo doesn't get you close (about a tenth of the needed vocab, only brief looks at intermediate and advanced tenses). If you mean "fluently" in the more technical meaning as "with flow and comfort", the less said the better since Duo doesn't reflect this at all. But all said, it's a great stepping stone to learning with advanced/native speakers or taking an intermediate/advanced course.


Le duolingo m'aidai a lire en Francais "ok". Sans quoi, Je parle joli un jour!


I already studied some French, so I was able to "test out" of some skills. It took months and I'm still learning when I "strengthen skills" to get them gold again. I think it's good to take notes, write down new vocabulary words and verbs. Good luck. Bonne Chance!


Does anything exciting happen when you finish your tree? I only have 5 lessons left in the economics lesson before I finish my tree.


If you're that close to finishing your tree, it's probably best to remain ignorant and find out when you get there. Good luck with the last lap!


You get an owl trophy with a French scarf on, he's handsome!




Good stuff Felicitations!


Excelent! Congratulations! I'll try this too! :)


Great Job! Way to go @Pickle1 :-)


This is so awesome. I took french in high school, and doing all these lessons is bringing it all back. I'm so excited.


Oui! It really helps to already know some of the grammar! Good luck to you!


J'ai aussi terminé le français, je suis très heureux. Je vais traduire dans Duolingo cette année et pratiquer beaucoup. Plus tard, je apprendrai le filipino.


Yay. Great job! Where did you find a program to learn Filipino?


Well done! You can try and do reverse as well. French --> english rather than the other way round!


Merci beaucoup. I never thought of that. What a great idea!


Pas de problème


j'aime françaiş et je veux aller de frança mais je ne sais pas trés parler français bien :'( si ıl y a duolingo mercii :D


Congrats, i finished the tree too but reseted because my focus was too much on finishing. Hope you did better then me :)


My focus was to finish the skill trees too! Did you start all over then? Someone suggested to do the reverse. French to English.


Yes i started over with the normal and the reversed tree to do it again in a slow tempo. To bad you loose the XP because you reset everything and not only the tree.


I finished the skill tree myself about four days ago. I've been using the site/app for about a year now, as well as taking classes at my University. Duolingo has been CRUCIAL in my success in French, both in and out of class. I recommend it to everyone trying to learn a new language, because not only does it help you learn, it does so in such a way that is FUN, and that makes all of the difference in the world. No one wants to grind over hours of grammar and vocabulary drills, but Duolingo does it in a game fashion, and the progression/level system kept me coming back pretty much every day for a year.

Long story short, I LOOOOOOVE Duolingo and I tell everyone about it.


Moi aussi! Bonne chance!


Congratulations, well done! :D


woooooooooooooow ^_^


Spain Pratic you? I want to use English to help. Maybe I can help


iwanna french arabic not english can you help me plz


Duolingo doesn't offer Arabic to French courses yet... sorry.


I love you! your a wonderful daughter


u only have 12 gems !! what !!


that picture is dumb

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