New design

So duolingo just changed its design to some 2004-paint thing; and the forum is still beautiful with the round flags and easy-to-read interface.

Beyond personal preference the lessons too are worse with this change; the chubby fonts and everything detract from the meaning and so on (although this is not a good explanation at all e.e).

So twitter changed many months back, but I still use the old one; there is the option to choose there. I found no option on the settings; much less the panel informing about the change having an option to choose.

So I just have to deal with it or is there a way to use the old design?

March 27, 2019


I don't have the new design so I think it may be some kind of A/B testing.

March 27, 2019

I doubt you can change back, but here's the announcement, and staff are reading and commenting in it:

March 27, 2019
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