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"I will give you an answer in a day or two."

Translation:Eu vou dar uma resposta a você em um dia ou dois.

April 10, 2013



Subtle difference, but I think we also say "Eu vou dar uma resposta a você em um ou dois dias.". I would say it is even more usual, but is just a conjecture ;]


It's common to say "em um ou dois dias".


Two questions: Why can't I say VOU LHE DAR? And, second, why can't I say DAQUI A UM OU DOIS DIAS?


Both suggestions are acceptable.


Anything wrong with "Eu te vou dar uma resposta em um dia ou dois." ?


"You" is related to the verb "dar".so, "eu vou te dar..."


I don't get it. Does this apply for all other verbs, e.g., "Eu vou te comer" if you're Hannibal Lecter? Or is there something special about dar?


If you´ve learnt Spanish first, your probably used to putting the pronoun first (te voy a dar), or last (voy a darte). But in Portuguese the order changes a little and you put the pronoun in the middle of the structure (eu vou te dar). With all verbs, dar is no exception.


Yes :) to make it easier, a similarity we find in "eu te darei" - "yo te daré"


I can use "num" instead of "em um"? Right?


no... here "um" works as a number (ONE day) not as indefinite article, so you cant link them.

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