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Did somebody in Duolingo's design department...

...look at a bag of plastic Easter eggs and think "OMG! These colors! So beautiful, so bright, must use for new update!"? In fact, some of the new skills in my Spanish tree have a picture of an egg with green dots. Coincidence?

Yeah, I logged into Duolingo this morning only to suffer immediate pain to my eyes, especially the neon yellow of the completed skills. I suppose I'll get used to it, but I'm hoping this is just temporary and you'll go back to more tolerable colors.

March 27, 2019



Agree. These colours are much too bright.


haha. I've seen many comments for and against the new look. I haven't noticed a change. I don't notice the ads either. People complain about them all the time but I only notice them when somebody mentions them. I guess I'm not very observant.


Not everyone has the new look, its currently in a random beta (I believe). As for the ads, the only one I notice is the '100,000th visitor!!!!!!!' scam.

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