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Thank you for updating the French tree!

I'm so excited to dive into it. I've been wanting the French tree to be like how the Spanish tree is for a few weeks now! I want to learn as much as I can off Duolingo.

March 27, 2019



I agree, i like the new tree...!!


Thanks for starting a positive conversation! I have already tested out of a bunch of my purple levels. There are a lot of new sentences, so it might be a very good transition once we get over the surprise.


How can I get the new french tree? I could probably finish up the old tree in a few days, and I am eager to learn more.


Don't get too excited, yes it is bigger and a nice format with some good touches - BUT BUT BUT, you will go back to level zero on almost every topic! I was level 4 on half and level 5 on half. Now I'm level zero on most, but still level 4 on about 10. No level 5's at all. Not happy at having to do the tree again from scratch.


Yep, I'm looking at your tree and I see a lot of purples, as I did on mine. You can test out of those purple topics in one shot, just go to the bottom of your tree. It took me three tries to do it but it's worth it as you save a lot of time in the end. I'm using testing out of each topic as a review. I look at it this way, it takes years to learn a language so going back down to the basics once in a while is no big deal to me. It will make my foundation stronger!


This is so much better! I've been slacking on Duolingo because it wasn't teaching me conversational french. With the new tree I started back at the beginning, they no longer have stuff like "L'homme est riche." but more useful phrases like: "je m'appelle ----" and "comment tu t'appelles", "tu parles anglais ?" AND the best part, learning to identify all those weird little noises that different vowels make when put together.

Duolingo is finally teaching all the basic stuff I had to get books for or learn from french speakers. The old tree, I will miss it, but...It's like when you think you are learning how to play guitar on guitar hero, I mean, we were all just stacking points up and going for streaks, but with new tree we are actually learning something. Plus, now I have one more effective tool to make my french less dégueulasse.


My tree didn't update :(


Wow, I thought everyone was getting it!?


Mine also wasn't changed.


I feel the same about it! I am testing it now, and its much better than the old one! I am motivated to study again!


I was also excited for the new tree but I got reverted to the old for some reason. Hoping I get the new tree back :(


I've been away from Duo Lingo for a few months and not long ago returned and felt i needed to go through the practise units to revise. Then the other day and a new tree appeared!! At first, I thought oh no! but now I am working my way through the units again. There seems to be more content and I'm eager to work my way through many new units to catch up to where i was some time ago. Loving the new tree. Thanks Duo Lingo team.


I like it a lot! I just tested out of the purple levels (over 100 topics). I did it on my third try because they always get you on a few things. :) You also get your Owl back (if it's important to you). After that, you have to test out on each individual topic and level. Anyway, I really do like the new set-up!
P.S. You only get 20 XP's, so if that's important to you, hehe, do it the loooooong way. Have fun!


I feel like I'm in the minority by liking this changed tree surprise. It was jarring at first, but noticing all my crowns were still there, I quickly realized it was ADDED content, not removed anything.

And I feel like it was just what I needed. I was maybe a dozen skills from finishing the language, and this made me go back and retouch some skills that I'd forgotten/not worked with in months. It was a quick refresher--because I CAN just test out of each of them which is what I've been doing.

I just hope one day they add more and go beyond A2 and into B1 and B2 :D


You have my support. If we know the language well, the shape of the tree doesn't really matter. And learning more about a language can only be good. But we must go beyond just learning the language on Duolingo. We must apply what we learned. Reading books is great as it helps with the vocabulary and grammar. We should try to write and listen to stories. And to have conversations, either through local conversation groups or via internet. Good luck with your studies! We will improve our knowledge automatically through reading and application. Don't be too much focused on trying to fine-tune specific skills. Just try to apply the language continuously. The day will come when you will start thinking in French if you keep it up.


My only complaint is that if I wanted to go back and specifically test my skills of days of the weeks/months, those aren't in their own category anymore, I don't think...

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