I really like the new French tree

Yes, initially I was dismayed to see all my precious levels suddenly disappear, but now that I have been doing some of the new lessons I really like them. I LOVE the emphasis on pronunciation and having it give such very useful comparisons of similar sounding -- but not the same! -- syllables and words. This new feature is going to help my speaking and listening comprehension so much! And I like that the sentences seem more useful and that the progression is more geared toward what many people will be using this for -- learning French for travel and conversation.

I also actually like the fact that new words are sprinkled throughout my old lessons. The lessons and/or test-outs go really quick because I know most of the words but while I'm doing them I'm also learning new words.

And I just plain like the fact that there is a bunch of new free content to help me learn French. I was getting very tired of talking all the time about how the girl has a red dress and the cat has a red boot and the shark eats a dolphin and all that stuff. New content -- huzzah!

March 27, 2019

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I want the new French tree too

March 27, 2019
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