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Spanish course changes.

I am getting really tired of my course content being altered every time I make progress towards the end. Enough so that I am about to quit. Enough is enough. Now you have added at least another year to my studies before I get back to where I am now and you did the same thing to me about a year ago. I am just now getting back to where I was then.

March 27, 2019



I could not empathize more!

It is absolutely ridiculous!!!

I was at the same point that you are and its demoralizing.

Just remember, our goal is to learn the language so one way or another we need to complete our objective.

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I do not understand you. We are here to learn Spanish. Do more courses and you will progress. Do not bother with the levels and crowns etc just work through the courses. The end game is to speak and understand Spanish


I don't feel as strongly about it as "FloydEllin", but I understand his frustation. I had just worked my way through almost all 30 Past tense lessons in Level 4, and it now tells me I have done zero Past tense lessons in Level 4. Redoing them all is quite a waste of time when I could be learning something new. And yes, I can test out, but I'm not really sure which other ones they screwed up and I should test out on. I'll continue on, but it is annoying, and they should be able to get this right when they do an upgrade.


Meanwhile, I can't wait to have new content available after having gone through all the old stuff.

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