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  5. "Where does he come from?"

"Where does he come from?"

Translation:Dari mana dia berasal?

March 27, 2019



Honestly do you think that an indonesian people would understand if i say "dari mana beresal dia?" ?


If you put 'dia' after 'berasal' it sounds strange - as if 'dia' somehow owns 'berasal'. Usually you put dia, kamu, saya etc after a word (object) to show that you/he/they own it. So in this case you have to specify the agent earlier in the sentence, then say what they are doing.

Imagine saying in English, instead of 'Andi is walking' you said 'Is walking Andi.' you understand what I'm trying to say, but it sounds weird.


How to order the words in these sentence..


Is "di mana dia berasal" OK - please explain why not


It's the difference between saying 'From where does she come' (Dari mana dia berasal), and 'Where is her origin' (Di mana dia berasal).

You will be understood, but the first example is more active - she is coming from somewhere. The second example is more passive and focuses more on the origin than it does on the person. So the first example is better. Indonesian people would never say 'di mana' in this case, because 'dari mana' (from where) makes more sense.


They accepted"Dari mana Ia datang."


Earlier i learned to say "kamu dari mana?'. Can i apply the same word order here and say 'dia dari mana? Thanks.


Hopefully i can also have clarificarion here


Me too to above comment...word order ?

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