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  5. "Nós lemos um cardápio agora."

"Nós lemos um cardápio agora."

Translation:We read a menu now.

April 10, 2013



now we read a menu - seems to be wrong. Is the placement of agora crucial here?


No, but we have to get as close as possible to duolingo original sentence in order to get it right. :(


No problem, just so that I know it's not necessarily wrong :)


What's the difference between menu and cardápio?


They are the same, but for a game menu, you should use "menu".


" We read the menu now" does NOT respect the difference in English between the ' simple present tense' and the 'present progessive (continuous) tense'. In English, we normally say " we read..." when we refer to habitual actions whereas we use the present progressive when we use the adverb NOW. Examples: we ARE readING the menu NOW and we read the menu EVERY time we go to a restaurant. The correct English translation of "nos lemos o cardapio agora" is "we are reading the menu NOW. Word-for-word translations aren't always accurate or appropriate.


We are reading a menu now.

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