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I don't think I've dealt with a company with worse communication skills. Give us a heads up.

I don't think I've worked with a company with worse communication skills. Give us a heads up. Tell us when you're going to make radical changes. I'm ok with changes, that's life. But for love of God give a week's notice or so BEFORE you make changes.

(Except Comcast, because their customer service is in fact still worse. Good job Duo, you haven't completely scraped the dregs yet, but that is not a comparison to aspire to.)

Edited name of post because I realized it could incorrectly imply that I work for Duo. I do not.

March 28, 2019



Hi Heclayton,

ehm, why don't you use your "Duolingo Plus" account and use the Plus button to request direct e-mail support??

What else should it be good for? ;)

IMHO the change shouldn't have happened:


Neither in the 2 offical moderator threads nor in the other 2-3 (or were it maybe 4-5) French threads from last year ANY news were posted about what is going to be happening (planned) these days.

I have not seen a community manager post to any of the available French threads; I have not received a single e-mail (I am subscribed to most of these threads).


Thank you, I will. I don't see what good it would do other than be another plea for workflow improvement that will be ignored. I don't have a problem with the new tree except they did not do a good job setting my new lesson levels; the listening lessons seem to an improvement and more vocabulary is good. Here I'm just also griping publicly because I'm frustrated with poor communication and they've had years to fix it. I've been annoyed by this enough to stop using the app for multiple year stints; I come back when I need to brush up on a language before a trip then stay for a while until I finish something new or they make a change like this that annoys me.

I'm here to do lessons, not read the forums, so even if it had been posted in the forums I wouldn't have seen. I turned off the streak status emails and streak notifications a long time ago due to alert fatigue, and haven't checked to see whether they've added enough control to the settings that I could turn back on other types of notifications. If they ever added a dedicated update notification site, I could at least check that regularly; most of the gaming sites I use have that and a "news" place that points you to that site whenever upgrades are forthcoming. The key here is that the notifications are an integrated part of the most common workflow. They should have a banner or notification tab that they can highlight when big changes are coming.


As a PLUS user, I did try the email option, but it wanted to give Microsoft access to my gmail account so I cancelled it. Should allow directly entering me email address.


I've e-mailed them. Clubs are missing on the app, but notifications still come through. I'm wondering whether or not that's a device issue or an app issue, but I'm going with app issue right now.


If you want my guess: The just realized what a mess they made, probably their metrics are already decreasing, so they have put a communication ban out until they find an official response.


My tree keeps switching back and forth. It makes me wonder if they're in the process of restoring the old trees.


A week's notice isn't right solution. They should have made made it optional with a clear description of what the change would be (losing progress, starting from beginning, getting a more communicative approach, better lessons, etc). The new tree would probably be good for people at the beginning or who have finished the old tree. For those of us in the middle who are somewhat grammar oriented, it is a very bad change and I would have elected to stay with the old tree.

Even better would be to have two different French options, the old and the new tree and one could go back and forth as they wished.


Are you working for Duolingo?

A weeks notice? but what would you do in that time?

Sorry, I am acting the Devils advocate here. I tend to agree with you but the reality is we have to work with the tools we have and if we cannot then we do not have to use Duolingo. If we stay it can, and often does, get frustrating but it is generally good and generally free so I for one am happy to still use it.


Honestly? I would do nothing. I just want advance notice so that the changes aren't an unpleasant surprise when I log in and it looks like months of work are gone. I picked a week because I work in IT and that's the minimum notice we have to give our end users when we're making changes in production.

I paid for Duolingo and I will stay out the year, but I'm probably not going to again because they keep doing this.

Edit: I work in IT for a company with much better customer service than Duo does, apparently. I do not work for Duo.


I think they should just give us an option. I mean, if people want everything that they've worked for to be restarted then that's them, but I would be beyond angry. Or maybe just update it without restarting people's trees and just let people go back and learn the new extra things, lmfao wack


what really REALLY irks me is that in spite of the assurance that we would not have to start over once a crown was achieved. this has nothing to do with the crowns game (for those who need it, i don't), but i am just sick and tired of being forced to start over again and again. it is just simply poor planning on duo's part.


How about Facebook?

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