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Help! I can't add students to my classroom.

[deactivated user]


    I created an account and set up a classroom with 2 students, speaking Spanish to learn English, which worked perfectly. I then tried to add another classroom for 12 students, speaking English to learn Spanish, and now it won't do anything.

    I follow all the correct instructions, add all the names, click continue, click create accounts but after it whirs for a little while it goes back to a blank classroom with the button 'invite students'.

    Why aren't the students appearing in the classroom with a document produced with all their log in details?

    I would be grateful for any insight anyone might have. Thank you

    March 28, 2019



    Try to ......

    • delete the new classroom

    • log out Duolingo on all your devices

    • log in www.duolingo.com

    • switch to the course "speaking English to learn Spanish"

    • open a new tab and go to https://schools.duolingo.com/

    • create the classroom "speaking English to learn Spanish"

    In my experience, this will mostly work and sometimes not at all.
    In that case, I need to create a new account (using a different email address) to create a classroom for another course in Duolingo.

    Unfortunately, Duolingo for Schools contains lots of bugs and glitches.

    [deactivated user]


      Thank you for responding. Unfortuantely, neither option worked. I followed your advice and still students could not be added. I created a new email address and a new account and still nothing. I'll just have to use it on my account logged on the board and put activities on it in class. :( :(


      Currently, it does not work in my account either.


      Have they verified their email address?

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