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  5. "Eu gosto de dormir no chão."

"Eu gosto de dormir no chão."

Translation:I like sleeping on the ground.

May 27, 2014



It is wrong that you use a -ing form of the verb if you are trying to teach the infinite form. I know that "I like sleeping in the groind" is the accurate way to say it, but you could have use an example that say something like "I would like to sleep..." to introduce the infinitive form of "dormir"


The lesson is about the infinitive in Portuguese, which doesn't necessarily correspond to the infinitive in English.


I think this would read better translated as "I like to sleep on the ground" as it then retains the infinitive in English with the same meaning.


It is perfectly acceptable American English to say "I like to sleep on the ground". It is more colloquial than "I like sleeping on the ground".

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