XP not being counted in App

Hey all, am on day 14 of a streak. Used my lunch break to log a couple of lessons, same as past two weeks.

After completing a lesson, the screen shows that I earned XP and that I am now on day 15, but when I go to my dashboard, it still shows Day 14 in grey and there is no change to my XP on the leader board.

My language tree has progresses as it should, though.

So, where did my XP go? Is the streak gonna be lost now?

Best wishes, Rnc

March 28, 2019


I am having the same problem. I show 279 xp for the week on the desktop but 120 on the app. I submitted a bug report but have not heard anything back. I also see others are having the same issue in french.

March 28, 2019

I am having the same problem with Spanish. All of my progress and levels being shown on the dashboard, but only points for first lesson of the day showing, even though I might have done 3/4 lessons in a day. Very frustrating.

Regards Karen

I’ve had the same problem with Spanish. I earned all my XP for the day on Wednesday and then on Thursday it said I’d missed a day and so used up my streak protector. Very frustrating.

I got the same problem too

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