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"Eu tenho lembrado de você a semana toda."

Translation:I have thought of you the whole week.

April 10, 2013



Also "i have been remembering you the whole week" or "i have thought of you the whole week" - sounds awkward to me ...smoother to say "I have been thinking about you all week"


This seems like it would be more straightforward to say "Eu lembrei de você a semana toda" - would that be correct too? "I thought about you all week"?


Yes.... "i thought about you all the week". I think a better and suitable translation for that sentence is: "tenho PENSADO EM você a semana toda" / "pensei em você a semana toda"


What happens when you change " a semana toda" to "toda a semana"?


It is the same. The whole week = a semana toda / toda a semana; every week = toda semana


Would "I have thought of you the whole year" be "Eu tenho lembrado de você o ano todo."?


Yup ;) or, "eu tenho pensado em você o ano todo"


'for' the whole week should be accepted too


is this a better translation?:
tenho lembrado de voce a semana toda = i have been reminded of you all week
tenho pensado em voce a semana toda = i have been thinking of you all week

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