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"Now we drink! The captain is going to pay."

Translation:DaH matlhutlh! DIl HoD.

March 28, 2019



Is there a general exclamation of cheer in Klingon, like "Hooray!" that could be used by participants in a situation like this? Or do we have to go on saying "Qapla'!" forever? :-)


maj good (expressing satisfaction)

majQa' well done

They're both exclamations, so they're used as standalone sentences, not as part of larger sentences.


Not sure about a general exclamation as a specific word type other than the ones David mentioned, but I'd guess verbs like {Dun} or {pov}, or slang terms like {qu'} and {chong} could be exclaimed in such an event.

Edit: and I'm reminded of {buy' ngop!} an idiom meaning "It is good to hear that."


'The plates are full'? That's kind of a cool one. I would think buy' HIvje'mey would be a bit more of a cause for celebration, though. ;-)

I like pov and chong. I suppose that Doj would probably work as well, in most situations?

So, qu' can be used as a standalone exclamation, not just as a verb suffix? I guess I'm just so used to seeing it as a suffix that seeing it otherwise will take some getting used to.

qatlho', qeylIS jav cha' pagh pagh wej! :-)


'The plates are full'?

Literally, yes :) Such are idioms!

So, qu' can be used as a standalone exclamation, not just as a verb suffix?

As Kahless pointed out, using the suffix as a standalone verb meaning "be great, excellent, wonderful" is slang.

The standard meaning of qu' as a verb is only "be fierce".

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