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Really liking the Indonesian course/language

I really like the Indonesian course, its one of those great courses that teach you lots of useful words RIGHT at the beginning. It doesn't hang around forever teaching you grammar and 'girl boy apple' for the first five skills!

I also like the language. I really like how its relatively simple, yet there are complicated parts, like the word order and the endings. I personally think its an incredible language. And so easy to pick up and learn!

So whats your opinion?

March 28, 2019



Yes it is one of the simplest languages out there out of all the languages that I have learned. Not too much conjugation, no male/female/neuter gender words.


the only really tricky part is the endings, but even that is not to hard It must be the easiest language out there!


It is really easy. But once you start Javanese, Balinese, Sundanese, or any other language from Indonesia, then watch out!!


I love learning Indonesian as well!! I do this course, practice with my boyfriend, and I watch Indonesian stuff/listen to Indonesian bands (Seventeen and Superman Is Dead are 2 great Indonesian bands!!)


Two Indo Rock bands that I love are Stereowall and Last Goal! Party. Sounds likes "Let's go party".

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