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  5. "He is eating an onion."

"He is eating an onion."

Translation:Tłʼoh chin yį́yą́.

March 28, 2019



Yįyą' i saw it in one of comments and tried it it worked..


Yí'yá try this with the comma


My keyboard doesn't have navajo symbols


There is no word for he/him so yíyá is a 3rd person word for eating and it could be use for he/she/animals/it (dont have a navajo keyboard) and also you only add a y when there is an object since the basic word eat is aya. Ex: im eating (asha), i am eating an apple (yisha)


My Samsung keyboard offers í or į and á or ą but not both above and below marks on same letter. I keep getting red wrong.


I found that typing it į' or ą' helped me pass.


How do you do that?


Bloody freaking hell, sorry for my cursing around, but I finally got it right, these letters worked out for me " Tt"oh chin yiyá'. "


Thank you! I thought I was going to break my phone before I read this.


I was marked wrong because it is IMPOSSIBLE with a normal keyboard to type the right í or á. Can I go on nevertheless?


I have tried unsuccessfully to up load this language. I have not found an app to help me.

I know the word. I do not have the keyboard.

I am thinking that I may this language. I am opened for suggestions.


Sorry. I thought it was an intetesting langùage But I have to stop as there is no way I can download the navajo keyboard. Your app. goes on telling me yíyá is wrong but... Sorry. It was a good but too short experience.


I have a Navajo keyboard on my phone (Gboard) maybe it wasn't available when you all wrote this so sorry if you have to stop learning the language because of it... Does anyone here have sound after the second skill? Just started "Food" and the words are impossible to pronounce without knowing how...


If I can't use a navajo keyboard on my phone, how can I ever pass this level?


I do not have a keyboard with the special letters


I am not able to write this so i keep getting it wrong. How do i fix this problem?


This lesson to be using yiya interchangeably for "I eat" and "he eats." I know that one is yiya and the other is yisha.


This another one that works if you add an apostophre at the end of yiya' like so


Yá'át'ééh dóó ahehee.

I hope that I spelled those two words correct.

I wanted to share. The beautiful person who typed that she cannot do Navajo because of the key board. There's a way that one can find it in the settings of the phone.

I am the last person one would think that I could find it. I did find it. I up loaded on my phone.

There's only one word that I have trouble typing.

I hope this beautiful student gives it another try.

The one I have uploaded is free.

I have no income at the moment. I am grateful for the free Duolingo.

I love to learn. Blessings to everyone and encouragement to the student who wants to stop Navajo.


I've tried that of course. I already have English, magyar , russian and hebrew keyboards. But I cannot find the navajo one. I can type á,é, ó and í. I could type the a , o, e and i with the "cedula??" Under them by using a polish keyboard but I can't have both at the same time. If you have a way I would be very glad to know. I think bavajo culture is worth giving it a try...


I just tried once more after following all this thing on internet which downlods the keyboard. It worked for about five sentences and stopped as soon as I wanted to type someting. It just isn't on my phone....What a pity!


Once again.... I am not put off so easily. I can get á or ą but not a mixture of the two. So everytime it says I am wrong.


Why is answer not excepted


Alright so go to "i"and click "į" then for "a" pick this one "ą" and at the end of that "ą" put a [ '] and this what it should look like ( yįyą' )


The keyboard does not have the correct a or i


I cants type the symbols


Argh! I finally downloaded a Navajo keyboard, that’s working, and my answer is still wrong yį́yą́ should be accepted as "she eats". There are no letter choices under the question to use in these fill-in-the-blanks! I’m getting very frustrated. I can’t go forward in the lesson until my answer is accepted!


Have you tried typing it... yíyá without the accent marks underneath the i and a? I just hold the letter down and additional choices come up. Then i slide my finger to the one i want. I haven't downloaded any special keyboard either. It's just a samsung keyboard on my cell phone. I wish i could post a picture for everyone to see.


I cant write yiya like i have to i keep getting it wrong


Can't translate the text to Navajo script


If anyone's struggling with not having the different i's and a's, it finally worked for me when I did this: yí'yá'


I cannot type the special character


There is no letter for a and on this phone


How can i continue when the "i" & "a" are not available on my keyboard


Yįyą' works! Yes! Lol


I cant right this


I cant get the correct a character on my keyboard to be allowed to continue with my navajo yįyą wheres the one with the accent plica above it, please???


Read the comments above with suggested alternatives that work. Using an apostrophe allowed me to finish all the lessons without a special keyboard.


I kniw what the word is an hoe it us soelled. Just can't access the Navajo keybiard on this phone. If this continues to be a oroblrm with miving yo the next sentence then I will have to try another lauguage.


why is this incorrect?


I don't have the letters


Why is it continuing to say it's wrong when it's showing the exact answer as correct


Okay, apparently in Samsung keyboard i need to type yį'yą' to get it right. The į and ą are appearing when I press and hold the regular i and a correspondently. The ' is when I press and hold the x (because we have an extra apostrophe and do not use it here). Whooof. That was a challenge.


Doesnt work for me. Do i need a navajo keyboard?


Why do i have to put "bit" in sometimes and other times not?


If you are using your cell phone, hold the letters down to see other options then just slide to the one you want. That is how my keyboard works.


I don't have the characters to write this


I do not understand the usage of Tłʼoh ? It is not mentioned in the hover hints at all, and as this is beta there are not opening lessons like the other languages, can anyone help ? I really enjoy how this language sounds but am having so many issued with not having the lesson is need to understand the sentence structures and needed words .


I can not write this


I was about to " lose my mind" when ANOTHER word was a problem and this forum..had an answer!!!

Type in yiy'a' and you'll get through!!!!


My keyboard doesn't have that symbol!

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