"Alizaliwa jumatano"

Translation:He was born on Wednesday

March 28, 2019

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he was born on wednesday vs he was born on a wednesday...

Is this swahili sentence suggesting he was born this last wednesday, or on a wednesday, generally speaking?


it would definitely need more context to differentiate between the two; as it is, it could mean either


I am curious about the etymology of the weekday names. I am guessing, First day of the week, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5,??,?? , last day of the week. Are Thursday and Friday Arabic?


I found the answer to this on another web site. "Juma" is Arabic for "week". They count their days from their day of prayer which is Friday (Ijumaa). The day before their day of prayer (Alhamasi) is also recognized. The other days are counted from one to five. Apparently "mosi" is a variant of "moja", and "pili" means second.



Alhamisi is the day of preparation


Are days of the week capitalized? This lesson uses capitals on all of them except Wednesday (jumatano) and Thursday (alhamasi).

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