"Usilale hapa"

Translation:Don't sleep here

March 28, 2019




You - do not - sleep ....

Am I missing something?

March 28, 2019


this is in the imperative. 'You don't sleep here' would be 'Hulali hapa'

For 2nd person statements versus commands in the negative, 95% of the time, the suffix of the stem verb will change to '-i' in a statement, and '-e' in a command, if the stem verb suffix is '-a'.

e.g. 'chelewa'

'Huchelewi kuamka' - 'You don't wake up late' (habitual)

'Usichelewe kuamka' - 'Don't wake up late'

'Don't' (imperative) translates to the prefix 'Usi-' in singular and 'Msi-' in plural

March 29, 2019
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