"This dance is not for little children."

Translation:Tari ini bukan untuk anak kecil.

March 28, 2019

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Must it be "bukan", and not "tidak"?


Good question. "Bukan" is always used for concrete noun-to-concrete noun, but this seems to fall into that grey area that is so unclear to me as well. I thought this was supposed to be "tidak" too since it's a noun-to-prepositional phrase relationship, but obviously, I'm going wrong somewhere.


My comment is a year old, and I may know the answer now (thanks for your reply tho).

"Bukan" is not only used in the way you described, but also in sentences like:

"This dance is NOT for children, BUT for adults."
(here the second part of the sentence is not mentioned)


BUKAN aku yang bilang itu, TAPI dia.
(It's NOT me who said that, BUT him.)


Apa ini bisa disebut tari?!?

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