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"There is one stubborn girl on the playground."

Translation:Aia hoʻokahi kaikamahine nuha ma ka pā pāʻani.

March 28, 2019



(possible question) ʻEhia kaikamahine nuha ma ka pā pāʻani? = How many stubborn girls are on the playground?

Aia hoʻokahi kaikamahine nuha ma ka pā pāʻani. = There is one stubborn girl on the playground.


I had it 100% as above & it was in correct


I tried a word ' 'ekahi ', it wasn't correct. I need to feel the difference between those two designations of 'number one'. Could anybody help me with this issue?


ʻekahi is the numeral or a count number (1, 2, 3...) hoʻokahi is an amount number that tells how many of something (1 girl)

Other amount numbers: ʻaʻohe (instead of ʻole), and he + 10-99 for all two-digit numbers


A recent sentence "There are ten black dogs on the playground" did not require "aia" although it was listed as another correct translation. This sentence requires "aia". I donʻt understand the difference.

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