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Difference between моя, мой, моё ?

Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me in understanding the difference between моя, мой, моё ? I feel that they all mean same, but the spelling changes based on the context or the objects/subject before which we use it. which i am unable to figure out.

March 29, 2019



What should be the translation for " My Children" Should it be "моё дети" or "мои дети". In duolingo it shows the later as the correct one. However its is accepting the first answer also. Can anyone please clarify?


Мои дети is correct. Моё дети is not correct, but it probably counts it as a spelling mistake


I have another doubt, water is neutral gender. Then why are we using "моя вода" instead of "моё вода"


The gender of the word is not based on its meaning at all, but rather on the ending! Read the tips and notes if you're on PC, but keep in mind that words ending in -a, -ия are feminine, and words ending in -о, -е, -ие are neuter. All words ending in consonants are masculine, except for the letter -ь. Words ending in -ь can be either feminine or masculine.

Also, the plural form does not take gender into account.

  • мой брат, мой отец, мой город
  • моя сестра, моя мама, моя вода
  • моё окно, моё яблоко, моё село
  • мои дети, мои цветы, мои советы
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