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The basic levels have disappeared from my home page

The space is still there for them, but it is now blank. The first level now visible is "Abject." I have logged out and logged back in, but it is still blank where the first few (five or seven?) levels should be. What can I do to get them back?

May 27, 2014



Hi daarha! Has this problem ever occurred on other websites for you (where pages load halfway)? If you can only see starting from the Adjectives 1 skill then that's pretty far ahead. What browser do you use? This is a problem that occurs either within a browser or server. Hope I can help with this! :)


Hi angel! I have figured it out for now. I am using Firefox, and with the recently visited sites, it takes me to the home page that does have all the icons/selections. (It was the very beginning of the lessons.) So far so good, and hopefully this will be the only time that happens. Thank you very much for your response and wanting to help!

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