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"This accident is caused by them."

Translation:Kecelakaan ini disebabkan oleh mereka.

March 29, 2019



One time, my mother could not rember kecelakaan so she said, "a shakalak boom" . Now you will never forget it. Your welcome.


"a shakalak boom"

Hahaha...yessss...that's the 'boom' suffix.

Other words related to 'kecelakaan' are 'tabrak', 'tabrakan' and 'tubruk', 'tubrukan'.

I'm wondering what new suffix your mother comes up with for this one :
"Kopi tubruk"

(I don't have a good English translation for this one).
(No, please don't tell me it's Starbucks).


Hcofhgfhwfand the thh

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