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Indonesian Tree Completed

Well today I finished the Indonesian tree.

I’d like to thank all those who worked so hard to get the Beta up and running. It was great to be able to contribute in a small way through report submissions.

Also, thanks to all those who contributed to the discussions, particularly to Rick (Rick392366), who has posted so much good info.

For me the best points of the course are firstly the great vocabulary and also the attention given to affixes.

I’ll keep practising, and am looking forward to my next trip to Indonesia

March 29, 2019



Thank you Bob, I'm glad I could be of some help.

I'm curious...which part was the most difficult ?
"Yang mana yang paling sulit ?"
The affixes ? The passive voice ? "yang" ?
Or maybe it was just the awkward English that made it such a struggle ?
(☺, yes, we're still adding new translations).

To celebrate your completion of the Indonesian tree, two additional topics about affixes (me-i, me-kan) are posted.

By the way....level 25...it looks like you have not only completed the tree, but you have also levelled up to the max.
That's a golden owl.
(owl = burung hantu) (literally: ghost bird)


The most difficult...? Not sure. Certainly, there were some English translations that were frustrating especially when testing out to the next level. Unfortunately the report system couldn't be used to suggest alternatives.

Thanks for the additional postings on affixes. I am in the process of putting together all these notes in a Word document as I get time



You have been to Indonesia?? So lucky!!



Yes, Australia is not too far away, so have been a number of times. The people are great and are really appreciative of one's effort to speak Indonesian


What knowledge of indonesian did you have before you started, what other material did you use while you practiced, and at what proficiancy can you now speak or understand?


just finished the tree to level 5 woo hoo... isn't the owl supposed to get a scarf or something? where does the app or site show that you have a golden owl? did i get a golden owl? how does that work?


Sadly,the owl now doesn't have the scarf now :( This also applies to other courses


Thanks WinterSoldier. Good luck to you with the course


I have finished the tree too. This is my first run on Duolingo and I am not impressed with the lack of difficulty or the poor grammar.

It would be good if some more conversational use of words was introduced. Or maybe a section for that alone.

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