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"When your mother hears about this event, she is going to be very happy!"

Translation:wanI'vam SovchoHDI' SoSra', Quchqu' ghaH!

March 29, 2019



I guess translating SovchoH into "hears about" is figurative. I see how the state of not knowing is transformed into knowing. Do "learns about/of" or "finds out about" also work here? The mother could experience the transformation by seeing a written announcement. I just wonder why "hears about" was chosen for the translation. I found it confusing.


A big part of why we sometimes use very non-literal translations as the "best" translation (i.e. the one shown to users) is to get our students used to the fact that the best translation for a sentence may not always be the most literal translation. Sometimes you will have to use a creative rewording and I would like you to take these opportunities to examine how the translations compare and learn how things might be reworded.


Do "learns about/of" or "finds out about" also work here?

Yes, those are also accepted here.

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