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  5. "jIH tlhopDaq"

"jIH tlhopDaq"

Translation:in front of me

March 29, 2019



Would "he is in front of me" be: jIH tlhopDaq ghaHtaH ghaH'e'?


Not quite. When you use a pronoun in a "to be" style sentence like this, the pronoun isn't quite a verb and doesn't quite take subjects and objects as does a real verb in a basic sentence. The correct sentence would be:

jIH tlhopDaq ghaHtaH

Basically, all "to be" style sentences follow one of two patterns:

{noun phrase} {pronoun}
{noun phrase} {pronoun} {topic}'e'

Your sentence is of the former variety: jIH tlhopDaq is the noun phrase in front of me, while the pronoun is ghaH he, she with a -taH on it to indicate the state of affairs is ongoing.

You use the latter variety when you want to say that one noun phrase is another noun phrase. For instance,

jIH tlhopDaq ghaHtaH HoD'e' The captain is in front of me.

These latter-variety sentences always use third-person pronouns (ghaH, 'oH, chaH, bIH) because there are no first- and second-person nouns to compare to each other.

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