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"They are repairing the robot."

Translation:qoq lutI'lI'.

March 29, 2019



Why not qoq lutI'?


qoq lutI'lI' expresses the idea that not only is the robot under repair, but that the repair action is ongoing and has a known stopping point: a fixed robot.

qoq lutI' expresses only that the robot is under repair, but doesn't say anything about the repairs being ongoing. It could also be used to describe a more general state of affairs: for instance, Hoch jaj yaHchaj lujaH. qoq lutI'. ghIq megh luSop. Every day they go to their duty station. They fix a robot. Then they eat lunch. This might be describing a robot repair shop.

Note that English They are repairing the robot might be describing the situation described by qoq lutI'lI' (there's a robot and you're describing the ongoing process of repairing it), but it could also be describing the situation described by qoq lutI' (there's a robot and it's their job to repair it). Unfortunately, this course artificially requires all -ing English verbs to be translated by -taH or -lI' in Klingon. This is not correct Klingon, but the course creators have made it a rule to follow in this course.


I came to ask the exact opposite question. I mistakenly responded with qoq lutI' and was marked correct.

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