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Question (writing a sentence in High Valyrian)

Hi, guys! I'm starting to learn High Valyrian and I need some help to write a sentence.

I'd like to say "If you understand this, we may be good friends" and trying I wrote it like this: "Lo shifang bisa iksān, sȳri raqirossa kosti sagon".

Is it okay? If it isn't, could you tell me the right way to say it, please?

Thx! c:

PS: Sorry for my English mistakes; I'm still learning it.

March 29, 2019



I have no idea about the first part, and "shifang" sort of doesn't sound very High Valyrian to me. The wiki only has it listed as Meereenese Valyrian. Plus it seems to be a conjugated verb (I understand), so I don't see why there's an "iksān" in the sentence. The second part would be "sȳri raqirossa sagon kosti" or maybe "sȳri raqirossa soty". I'm unclear how the subjunctive is used in High Valyrian outside of negation and what nuance you want the sentence to have.


I got it! You're right. According to what I found (and you already said), yes, "shifang" is a conjugated verb, so I't seems like I don't need to add "iksān" in the sentence.

The second part sounds great like that.

Thx for answering c:


I was looking for more and I also found the first part would be "lo ao shifang bisa" or "lo shifang bisa ao". Do you think it makes sense?


Since "shifang" is first person singular (and also not High Valyrian), no. Also, "bisa" is a demonstrative pronoun for persons, not things or abstract concepts.


I'm trying my best to learn High Valyrian, too, but it's difficult; the placement of the adjectives is weird. Also, "issa" having multi-meanings has confused me a bit.


I have a lot to learn, haha, but well... for this we are here. Thx! c:

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